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‘For my house shall be called a house
of prayer for all peoples.’

- Isaiah 56:7


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Temple Funds to Which You Can Make Donations

Over the years, a number of funds have been established to which members can make meaningful donations to commemorate events. Each fund designates the services and activities to be supported when you want to commemorate happenings in your lives.

In addition to The Rabbi's Discretionary Fund, they include:

  • The Youth Fund - sponsored by the Steinman-Lurie Family supports special activities undertaken by Temple youth such as trips to Israel.
  • The Frances Selig Memorial School Fund – a fund to pay for Religious School major expenses, such as: salary and travel expenses of a Director of Jewish Education; computer(s) and software to connect Religious School students to Jewish content on the Internet; other electronic media not now contemplated but which will enhance learning and/or information retrieval for Jewish students in the Religious School.
  • The Clevenson Fund – interest from this fund is used to defray operating costs for the Sunday school.
  • The Social Action Fund – sponsored by the Achber Family, supports community social action activities and needs such as donations to the Food Bank and Multi-Cultural Day.
  • The Prayer Book Fund– to purchase prayer books for the Temple.
  • The Jewish Library Fund– to purchase reading and visual material for the Temple library.
  • The Capital Building Fund – to be used for construction of major Temple building additions and improvements.

You can donate by mailing a check made out to Temple B'nai Israel to: 210 Court St., Laconia NH 03246. A fund may be specified in the memo field, if you so desire.

Donations may also be made via PayPal. Again, should you choose to donate to a specific fund, simply indicate which one in the Comments field.


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