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‘For my house shall be called a house
of prayer for all peoples.’

- Isaiah 56:7


Reform Synagogue Serving the Lakes Region of New Hampshire


Jewish Federation of New Hampshire

Union for Reform Judaism


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Temple B’nai Israel sustains an ongoing effort to enrich its members understanding and knowledge of Jewish tradition, history, and practice.

Most (but not all) of the Adult Learning sessions are organized around pot-luck lunch or dinner sessions taking place either at the Temple or at homes of Temple members, combining the learning process with an ongoing opportunity for building and strengthening our Temple community.

Examples of Adult Education Sessions

  • Learn About Yiddish
  • “They Were Not Silent” – A visit from Hanna and Gus Papaneck
  • Jewish Prophets (two sessions)
  • Peace Negotiations between Israel and The Palestinians
  • Human Rights in Israel and the work of the Israel Religious Action Committee
  • What Does it Mean to be Jewish

Temple B'nai Israel - Adult Ed





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