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TBI Members Bryan and Paula Halperin invite you to attend this upcoming event running February 20th-23rd.

Tickets available at – Tickets from $14 – $20 – Bryan is directing the play, Amelia!

Amelia by Alex Webb Histories of the Civil War introduce us to the pain beyond the battlefield: of brother-to-brother rifts, families both North and South torn by the events and the issues, and the endurance of love. Author Alex Webb researched evidence that women disguised themselves as men in order to serve and fight, demonstrated in title character Amelia. Her search for her missing husband leads her to masquerade as a man in order to gain access to the storied prison where she finds him to be held. This is the story of her encounters along the way, told with poignancy and adventure that challenges us with the question “how far will you go without giving up?”


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