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Temple B’nai Israel is nominated again…

The Best Place to Worship for the 5th year in a row!

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 Temple B’nai Israel: A Place of Connection and Community

Temple B’nai Israel is more than a house of worship; it’s a place where the Jewish community of central NH gathers for prayer, celebration, and connection.  TBI extends its warmth and support to the broader community, fostering friendship and understanding.

Temple B’nai Israel: A Vibrant Hub for Jewish Life in Central New Hampshire

Temple B’nai Israel stands as a cornerstone of Jewish life, not just in the Lakes Region, but throughout central New Hampshire. Rooted in the Reform Movement, the temple fosters a welcoming environment dedicated to preserving and practicing cherished Jewish traditions. But Temple B’nai Israel goes beyond its own walls. The temple actively serves the surrounding community, offering support and collaborating on programs that enrich the wider area.

Unique Initiatives that Set Us Apart

What truly distinguishes Temple B’nai Israel are its signature programs.  The renowned “We Care” concert series raises vital funds for fellow local non-profit organizations, showcasing their work while fostering a spirit of community support. Additionally, the temple’s celebrated annual New Hampshire Jewish Food Festival is a cherished event, celebrating Jewish cuisine and drawing visitors from near and far.

Spiritual Growth and Lifelong Learning

Temple B’nai Israel provides a warm and inclusive space for spiritual exploration and learning. Shabbat and holiday services are held regularly, offering both in-person and virtual attendance options via Zoom. The temple caters to individuals of all ages, with enriching lifelong learning programs for adults seeking to deepen their Jewish knowledge and a dedicated religious education program for children.

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“The Best Place to Worship” in The Lakes Region of New Hampshire.