Adult Education

Temple B’nai Israel sustains an ongoing effort to enrich its members’ understanding and knowledge of Jewish tradition, history, and practice through our adult learning sessions.  The rabbi and guest presenters offer the opportunity for building and strengthening our Temple community.  We meet in person at the temple and offer a Zoom option as well to include all who want to participate.  

Torah Study with Rabbi Katz

Rabbi Katz hosts Torah Study on Zoom once a month to discuss/study the portion that will be read at worship services on the following Shabbat.  Contact Rabbi Katz for more information.  

Schedule of upcoming Torah Study sessions:

  • February 14 – 23 Shevat
  • March 21 – 28 Adar
  • April 11 – 20 Nisan
  • May 16 – 25 Iyar
  • June 20 – 1 Tamuz

See the Calendar of Services and Events for current Adult Ed Programs