Cantorial Sololist

Melody Funk

Melody Funk’s magnificent voice adds warmth and spirituality to High Holiday and Shabbat services. She is also B’nai Mitzvah coordinator and familiarizes candidates with the rites and rituals of the service, each according to his or her strengths.

Music by Melody Funk

Birkat Hamazon: Grace After Meals
L’cha Dodi: Partial
Shiru L’adonai

Prayers by Melody Funk

Al Sh’loshah D’varim: page 642
Ashrei: page 215
Barchu: page 226
Blessing After Reading the Torah: page 368
Blessing Before Reading the Torah: page 368
Blessings for Daily Miracles: page 200
Blessing for Putting on Talid: page 190
Chatzi Kaddish: page 208
Hineih Mah Tov
Kiddish: page 123
Mi Chamocha: page 240
Oseh Shalom: page 260
Shabbat Shalom
Shalom Aleichem
Shema: pages 232-233
Tefilah: pages 242-246
V’ahavta: page 154