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Rabbi Dan’s Message

Week of June 2, 2021

Chevre (Friends),
We’re now well into B’midbar, the Book of Numbers, in the Torah. It has
been called “the Wild West” of the Torah, not only because it is set in the
wilderness, but because it has some of its boldest stories. At this week Torah
study session (6/5, 10am) we’ll look at the story of the 12 spies, who enter
Erertz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, to see if it conquerable. One might think the
drama of the story happens as they reconnoiter the land, but it also unfolds
after they return to camp and give their reports. It is a psychological drama
that explores how the same event can engender both hope and despair. I hope
you’ll be able to join us as we read the portion at Shabbat services and study it
on Shabbat morning.
L’shalom U’livracah (In Peace and Blessing)
Rabbi Dan