Bubbie’s Kitchen Adventures – Let’s Make Strudel

Everyone’s Favorite Dessert!

When I told Murray that the whole family would be coming for dinner this weekend he was farklempt (overwhelmed with emotion).  Now that the cooking for the New Hampshire Jewish Food Festival is finished we have some time to make a fuss over the kinderlach (children).   I know they will want me to make my raspberry strudel for dessert so I asked Murray for his help in the kitchen.  The process to create the strudel is so much easier when we work together.  From start to finish, we make the dough, let it rest in the icebox overnight, roll out the dough, spread the sweet mixture on the dough, roll into logs and bake.  Sounds easy, no?

Well let me tell you, it also takes a lot of koach (strength) to mix the butter, cream cheese, and flour.   When I heard that there is a machine that can mix the dough for you, well, I try never to kvetch (complain) about all the work but Murray, he went right out and bought that fancy machine for us.  It is a mechaya (slice of heaven), so I call it my “mechaya machine” and it seems like novtime before the dough is wrapped and ready for the icebox overnight.  The next day we let the balls of dough come to room temperature.  That makes them easier to roll out with my Bubbie’s rolling pin on wooden board that she made her strudel on.  Before I roll out this dough, I always sprinkle the board with a cinnamon and sugar mixture that will sweeten the dough.

Next step is to make the raspberry filling.  Murray will chop the nuts into small pieces to be mixed with the jam and the golden raisins.  He can’t control the urge to taste the filling, which he always declares is delicious.  We carefully spread the filling on the flattened dough and then roll into logs to be baked. 

We always make several batches of strudel so there is enough for the family to take home.  There is nothing quite like the sweet aroma of strudel baking and it will be ready just in time for the family’s arrival.

Well, it’s time to close Bubbie’s Kitchen Adventures for this year.  Be sure to get online and place your order before time runs out.  The information is under our pictures below.  Until next year’s Jewish Food Festival, Zei Gazunt (be well)!

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